Sprinkler Systems

All sprinkler systems installed by us are fully automatic and self-draining. What this means is that you will not have to get your sprinkler system blown-out in the fall. We are so confident in the self draining system that we warranty the system against freezing for life (as long as the the water is turned off completely at the appropriate time of year).

All materials used by our company are of commercial grade which allows you the confidence that you are getting the highest quality material. All pipe used is schedule 40PVC, and all sprinkler heads are installed on a flexible funny pipe which allows for less probability of a head breaking due to being run over by a car, heavy lawn mower, etc. All sprinkler heads in the lawn area are finished at grade level allowing you to mow over them without the worry of catching them with the lawn mower or tripping over them. All back-flow preventers and electronic valves will be placed inside of green valve boxes also finished at grade level again so they can be mowed over without fear of damage.

We use IRRITROL, RAINBIRD, & TORO brands for our installations. This means that we can offer a three year manufactures warranty on all parts.  A $55.00 service charge will apply for problems caused by negligence, vandalism, misuse, etc.

All of our systems come with a 100% guarantee of head to head overlap in turf areas. The price of the system includes all material, labor, taxes and permits.

We will match or beat any certified and licensed competitors written bid, using the same material. Call us today!