Retaining Walls

We build most of our retaining walls out of large boulders or decorative cinder block. Boulder walls are less expensive than block walls because the material and labor is less. Below you will find some pricing of both types of walls. Be aware that our pricing is an average. Pricing depends very much upon site conditions, location, amount of excavation/dirt needed and any additional material needed to complete the walls.


Price Estimates (Boulder Walls):

If the excavation of tiers is mostly done prior to installations, prices will range from $950 – $1250 per 15 ton load of boulders. One load will cover approximately 120 sq. ft.

This pricing is for labor and material of the job. If site excavation is needed the rate for excavation is approximately $80 – $90 per hour to shape the retaining area. There could also be additional expenses for backfill.

All of these prices are for native boulders. If other types of boulders indigenous to other areas are used, labor is the same price, however price can increase dramatically.

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