Concrete Curbing

Adding concrete curbing to your landscape is a great way to boarder your planting beds from grass or rock areas. It is also a great way to beautify your lawn for less. On top of making your lawn look better concrete curbing will also make your mowing and trimming easier. A maintenance friendly yard is something we all need. Take a look at the pictures and see how the landscaped areas have been enhanced with out decorative curbing.


Sample Pricing:

The price for your basic mower and slant style curbing varies from $3.25 to $4.00 per linear ft. The price depends on the site conditions and the number of feet required. The more footage, the lower the cost per foot. If sod needs to be removed this can also add to the per foot price. You can also add color to your curbing for an additional cost.

Note: There is a $150.00 minimum charge on all curbing jobs